SCOA Proceedings

We publish our journal twice each year featuring editorial and opinion columns by our president and board members; interviews and first-person articles by members; program, presenter and registration information for our upcoming continuing education meetings; and sponsors that will be exhibiting at the next meeting. We publish a list of new members with information and where they practice. 

Soon you will be able to read articles you may have missed, and new members will appreciate learning about SCOA back to November 11, 2001…like Bob Huntington’s trilogy on the history of SCOA; interviews by Jack Lytle and Susan Smith with Frank Pavel, Stan Phillips, George Gamboa, Howard Davis, Ralph Waugh, Ross Prout and Jack Lytle; and remote articles from Bob Hale when he was our editor and on active duty with the United States Army in Afghanistan..

Check back here often as we continue to add past and new issues of SCOA Proceedings.